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Equine Align

Equine Align is gentle, hands-on bodywork that encourages a horse to release their inherent, optimal alignment by letting go of deep tensions and restrictions.

Equine Align is the product of over 25 years of experience, talented faculty, and hundreds of Art of Equine Massage & Bodywork students certified around the globe.

The Equine Align Academy offers a comprehensive and flexible schedule of clinics to study from the founder and our skilled faculty to earn international certification to practice this art.

Level I Online Course

Start now to learn the fundamentals of Equine Align.

  • Learn the philosophy, approach, concepts, and methods of Equine Align.
  • Download the manual and learn the approach to release the inherent alignment of each horse.
  • Biomechanics videos highlight the functional anatomy of each major part of a horse — the bones and important muscles.
  • Demonstration videos show how to massage each part of a horse and what you’re working towards.
  • Earn a 50 Hour Equine Align Certificate – $349

Click Here: Level I Online Course Overview


Hands On Clinics

Focus on the function of the equine craniosacral system, the polyvagal nervous system, how the joints function, releasing the joints, anatomy, and quiet listening, balance and symmetry within the spine and pelvis.

Immerse yourself in a hands on course.

Click Here: Advanced Equine Align Certification



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