Hands On Clinics

Knowing when horses are listening to you and granting you influence is essential to this work.- Sara

This is where CranioSacral therapy techniques and advanced myofascial release methodology gets refined so that changes in the spine can re-align the entire skeletal structure. The listening quality of CranioSacral is the real heart and soul of this work. Learning to listen, knowing how to listen and knowing what you are listening for and to is a very profound and most effective way to help the horse rebalance and reset their internal workings back into a well-tuned athlete. One can never force a body, it must rebalance through gentle manipulation that encourages soft tissues to let go of excess tension in a natural way. Then the changes will be lasting and correct.

Here you work directly with Sara to enhance and refine skills gleaned from the online course. Knowing the elegance of the bodywork form learned in the prerequisite Level I Online Course is the foundation upon which all the other modalities anchor their efficacy. The more fluid and sensitive your hands are with continuity of the form the more responsive the horse is to working with you. Learn how to discern and soften mental bracing at the beginning, become skillful at releasing restrictions to mobilize joints, and learn to see subtleties in alignment and balance.

When we listen to the inherent design we do not need force to facilitate change; the body knows when it is right. When it is correctly aligned, the body naturally expresses itself freely without pain or restriction.-Sara

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