Hands On Clinics

Nov. 8-12, 2021 Ocala, Fl $895

Hands On classes are offered assuming it will be reasonable to travel and convene without undue risk from the pandemic. CDC Guidelines will be enthusiastically observed. Enrollment is limited so reserve your place ASAP.

Take your work to the next level by studying Listen/Connect/Follow/Influence, Anatomy In Motion, Integrative Modalities, and Rhythm Alignment with the founder. Earn a 50 Hour Equine Align Advanced Certificate.

Knowing when horses are listening to you and granting you influence is essential to this work.- Sara

Listen, Connect, Follow, Influence

Efficacy and elegance of bodywork comes from intelligent, sensitive, listening hands. Your hands are directed by the natural alignment vision you work towards and tuned by the listening and encouraging touch skills you cultivate.

Here you work directly with Sara to enhance and refine skills gleaned from the online course. Knowing the elegance of the bodywork form learned in the Level I Online Course is the foundation upon which all the other modalities anchor their efficacy. The more fluid and sensitive your hands are with continuity of the form the more responsive the horse is to working with you. Learn how to discern and soften mental bracing at the beginning, become skillful at releasing restrictions to mobilize joints, and learn to see subtleties in alignment and balance.

In any action the entire body should be light and agile, with all of its parts connected like pearls on a thread. No one part should resist moving with the whole.- T'ai Chi Classics

Anatomy In Motion

The biomechanics of the horse in motion and at rest examines how muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, and fascia line up according to a horse’s natural design in order to move with relaxed and balanced ease. Learning to see proper alignment is important in resolving restrictions that inhibit natural movement. Studying dynamic anatomy is a guiding vision of what you are trying to achieve so that you are skillful in resetting the horse to optimal alignment and balance.

When we listen to the inherent design we do not need force to facilitate change; the body knows when it is right. When it is correctly aligned, the body naturally expresses itself freely without pain or restriction.-Sara

Integrative Modalities

Delving deeply into the practical study of when and how to apply each modality refines your skills to the next level of proficiency. Blending methodologies gently and seamlessly influences the body to realign without resorting to force or a matching of wills with the horse. Restrictions in soft tissues require one modality while bracings require another and you must be able to shift smoothly from one technique to another to stay connected with a horse. The efficacy of your work is predicated on how intimately you understand and apply each modality. This practicum teaches you the how’s and when’s to apply the modalities of:

  • Shiatsu/Acupressure
  • Myofascial release
  • Neuromuscular Re-education
  • CranioSacral Rhythms
  • Principles of Balanced Movement

The impulse to straightness must emerge out of the inherent integrity of the spine. It cannot be achieved from without, only evoked from within.~Stuart Heller

Rhythm Alignmant

Life is about movement. Horses move, run, buck, rear up and kick out as they play and find their place within the herd. They have an inherent rhythm and a natural balance internally and externally. What we see externally is the direct result of the organization and potency of the internal rhythms. Out of synch internal rhythms visibly restrict movements making them stunted, uncoordinated, and lacking in continuity. Craniosacral is an important pulse — one of many facets of the vital forces of life. The heart, breath, chi, impulse, thoughts, and spirit also have unique rhythms. Traumas interrupt those energetic rhythms by restricting and rerouting their course through the body creating dysfunctional compensation patterns. Knowing how to release those dysfunctional trauma patterns is the most subtle of all bodywork. It takes clarity of focus and refined sensitivity to hear the direction and potency of their course and careful listening to release their hold on soft tissues. This is what makes the difference between just rubbing muscles and making real lasting changes. Listening, connecting, following, and influencing are what ultimately release the entire structure to return to natural balance.

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