Equine Massage Benefits for the Therapist

“So thanks yet again for training us the way you did……I love this work. And the coolest part is that the more I refine my bodywork, the better my riding gets. And the more I refine my riding, the better my bodywork gets. Love that circle of energy!”


I got this wonderful quote from a student who has been steadily building her clientele. I love this quote because she so gets the job at hand and the benefits of working with horses this way. I have to admit that I am a bit spoiled practicing equine and human massage and cannot imagine my life without it. You see, I say that I get paid to meditate, to stay healthy and feel connected to my world through the work that I do. I touch to help the horse relax and change, the horse teaches me to soften, let go, breath and relax as well. The more I relax, the more my horse relaxes and follows me. It is a circle of sharing and a practice in awareness and feel. It is a wonderful career.

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  1. courtney

    This is such a beautiful way of putting it. I am a LMT and am so grateful that my job is to be one with loving energy and transfer that energy to someone to help them heal. I work in a chiropractic office and often people are so chronic they ask for deep tissue. When I work I work first with the energy body then the superficial layers and invite the muscles to soften through breath work and leaving the client with trust and comfort. I help others help themselves. Our bodies want to get back to homeostasis. We simply have to listen and allow. <3

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