Level 1: Online Course Overview

Presented by Sara Stenson, CMT, CEMT, CNMT

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If you just want to help your own horse or you want to start on the path towards professional certification — this is the place to begin.
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The course includes:

  • 20 videos
  • Eleven Functional Anatomy whiteboard presentations
  • Eight Demonstrations on how to release the shoulders, back, sacrum, hindquarters, ribcage, neck, head, and a complete massage
  • Course manual enhances concepts and approaches
  • Equine Alignment International Certification

Study at the best school

  • Established in 2001, this course is based on hands on equine massage courses
  • Hundreds of certified students around the world
  • Veterinarians recommend the Equine Align Academy as the best school
  • Sara with over 30 years of equine massage and bodywork experience offers guidance and answers questions

Study at your own pace

  • Watch the lectures as many times as you wish
  • Watch the demonstrations as many times as you want
  • Practice on your horses between lessons
  • Repeat the lessons as many times as you like
  • 90 day access can be expanded to handle special needs – just contact us

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  • Danielle- This would be a 5 star review if Facebook did reviews anymore. Definitely a positive recommendation! This program is great! The study material is in depth and tells you what each muscle and bone does, then goes on to show you how to release the tensions for each area without forcing change, but by gentle and effective communication using your hands. I’m very pleased with how this course gave me a great jumpstart into the world of equine massage therapy and I’m also grateful that any time I have questions Sara is there to help guide me through!
  • Myah- I have recently completed the online lessons for Equine Massage and Bodywork. I have learned so much from this course, and it has been wonderful to learn more about how I can help the animals I love so dearly, through the body and mind. I was struggling to find a career path that involved equine. When I heard that this could be a possibility, I knew I had to go for it. In the past couple months that I have been learning and practicing Equine Massage and Bodywork, I have definitely been able to see myself using this skill and turning it into a career. I could not be more excited with how this has changed my life and given me direction. I am looking forward to taking the information I have learned, and seeing where it takes me.
  • Diane, Michigan- I would like to say how I absolutely love how easy it was to actually learn the course materials and the hands on demonstration made it easy to understand and remember. I have learned more from this course and will be able to remember it better than I did a 2 year massage therapy class. This course never got boring and made it exciting to learn. I will be taking more courses in the future from you. Thank you so much for taking time to teach me and pleasantly answering my questions.
  • Sarah- I have just completed your online equine massage course! I have studied and taken extensive notes and am ready to start pestering my mare some more 😉 I would love to set up a chat with you whenever you are available! I really enjoyed your videos and I know my mare has felt definite relief, I really have learned so much!!
  • Vanessa- I was so happy as soon as I started watching Sara’s videos because I knew her approach and program were exactly what I had been looking for. Horses are my truest passion and it was important for me to learn from someone that has the horses best interest at heart and that really knows their stuff. Sara is very knowledgeable and intuitive about her interaction with horses and teaches what she knows in a way that’s easy to absorb. She also made herself readily available for questions and conversations and I loved chatting with her on the phone, something I plan to continue in the future. This course was exactly the foundation I needed to begin creating my vision with horses, and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more about how these animals we love are put together and how to be a part of helping them feel good after all that we put them through.
  • Geraldine, France- I have been studying intensively your course, I just love it so much as it is giving so much sense to what I have been learning during the past 15 years. Each time I am watching the videos again and again I understand something new, and it is so interesting!! I just changed completely the way I was looking at the massage and even more than that it made me understand an awful lot about the power and intention and intuitive communication. Life is just magical, it sends you always to the right person at the right moment!!!
  • Amy, Canada- I have finished the course and am both amazed and gratified for all that I have learned. It was so easy to follow and full of useful information! I watched it on my laptop and then refreshed my memory while working on my mare by watching on my iPhone.”
  • Mark, Texas- My horse loves the way you have taught me to touch him and he is recovering well from the fall that he took last spring. I have tried other programs, but he never liked or responded to the pushing and poking, magic circles, or other techniques. This working with his attention approach is so in line with how I train him that we both love it!