Terms & Conditions

Since we deal with the public, we have to write Terms & Conditions to handle the corner cases. We are very reasonable people and do not want to box anyone into a purchase and we also don’t want to have to roll over to unrealistic expectations or define every combination of issues that may arise. If your intentions are not honorable, please go elsewhere. If your intentions are honorable then neither of us has anything to worry about.
Once you have participated in a course your payment is non-refundable except at the sole discretion of Equine Align Academy management. We understand extenuating circumstances and have them ourselves so we try to accommodate special needs kindly as they arise.
I acknowledge that being around horses is an inherently dangerous activity. I take full responsibility for my safety as well as the safety of the horses that I work with as part of my participation in this class. I affirm that I am skillful in basic horsemanship. I agree to hold Equine Align Academy harmless for all damages or injuries that may arise, from my participation in this class.