As you know, we have had to put our hands-on learning courses on hold until we can all be safe until the pandemic is under control. Many of you have expressed frustration over the fact that we cannot hold hands-on learning classes at this time due to the overwhelming virus. Believe me when I say that I am just as frustrated and sad as you are about this, I truly mean it. I miss being with a group of enthusiastic horse lovers eager to learn how to make happy horses sharing and learning together. 

It is a very sad time, a frightening time, a time of great uncertainty and I believe also a time of great possibilities for a new way of being in our world. Let’s not get lost in the chaos but forge ahead with hope looking to the future. I ask myself what kind of world do I want to live in and how can I be a part of making that new world a possibility? Horses, I always come back to the horses. It is done one small step at a time and now is a great time to take that first step.

Now is a prime opportunity to learn and build the foundations of a new skill. My online course was developed from 45 years of experience in the study our physical forms, what balances us in gravity, and what is the quality of the movement of life that fills us with joy. The last 25 years has been dedicated to helping horse and rider with resistance free and joyful motion. I know what works and I open heartedly wish to share as much of this information with you as I possibly can under the constraints of our current pandemic.

My point is this … Equine Align basic form that you learn online is a life long study. It is more than just basics. I use this form whenever I approach a horse. This work is not about learning one technique after another until you have 100 techniques in your doctor bag because what happens then when a horse comes along and none of your 100 techniques helps? Then you would be at a loss. Techniques can take you only so far in their application but principles of movement are the cornerstone of creativity and effectiveness. 

This work is based on principles that shape and morph techniques as you respond to each individual horse. It is about listening deeply and carefully to where and how the horse feels restricted then following your instincts to help the horse make the lasting changes. The skill is in your ability to listen and your ability to relax yourself thereby giving the horse permission to open up and connect with you. This work is not just doing mindless rub a dubs to the horse and hoping for the best outcome. That is blind faith and it never has done anything of any real value for the horse. The deeper you can listen and the more you can let go of your own tension, the more you can hear the horse’s voice come through to guide you. That connection is a profound and effective heart to heart conversation that assists the horse to make lasting changes. 

Learning to listen deeply and openly is something that I cannot teach you in a hundred hands on courses. It is a quality you must cultivate within yourself and then express to the horse. Practice the principles of listening closely and relaxing your own body/mind. You can practice this every time you put your hands on a horse as you slowly and attentively listen to what the horse is telling you. You can practice listening a relaxing any moment of the day and you will benefit greatly. 

So until we can gather safely (and hopefully soon) there is much you can do, learn, and practice on your own. Let your hands and body feel the routine until it becomes second nature. Trust your knowledge of horses, don’t second guess yourself, and use your intuition with them. Going through the videos once or even twice is just scratching the surface. Dig deeper and practice it on as many horses as you can and keep refining your feel. Soon you will be very skillful and confident that you can do this work with horses.

I am always available for questions and answers, to help guide you along the way and hopefully we will be able to gather safely and enjoy learning together.

Keeping in touch.

Sara Stenson


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