Look Me In The Eye

Look me in the eye.

Look me in the eye.

Look me in the eye, tell me who you are. Look me in the eye and I will tell you who I am. Then we may know each other’s souls.

There is an ongoing debate about looking a horse in the eye or any animal in the eye for that matter. I want to look into an animals eyes, to see their souls, their state of mind, how they feel about themselves and what they think of humans. I do not look in their eyes to challenge, belittle or pity them. I want to know their spirit. I look in their eyes to see if they can connect with me, be with me, invite me in and have a conversation with me. I can ascertain a lot about how the horse is feeling with this one simple act of looking to see if they are willing to look back. I want my horses to know they can look at me without feeling challenged or diminished. I want them to see that I am looking back and that we can share each others souls with kindness, respect, and communication one being to another. Eyes are the doorway to the inner reaches of our hearts and through that doorway we genuinely see each other.

Do you look into your best friends eyes?


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